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Build A Stronger Team With Target Candidate Profiles

Use our strategic approach designed to make talent sourcing more effective.

We understand the challenges you face in finding and vetting qualified and dependable team members. 

But what if we told you that we can solve that problem, no matter what the market looks like? As an award winning retained search firm we want to share our secret sauce with you... at no cost.

We have developed a proprietary strategy process that identifies key points within your organization, the teams within your company, and your ideal candidate. This document allows you to find and communicate with the perfect candidate... no matter what type of role.

This isn't a gimmick and is not something auto-generated with technology. To create this document you work with our team of industry pros, and we guide you through the process, and create a detailed document that gives you:

  • Full & Partial Job descriptions

  • Define Key marketing channels

  • Messaging strategy & scripting

  • Culture profile

  • Interview question scripting

  • ...and much more!



Thanks for submitting!

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Positions we want to help fill

Fusion regularly fills the following roles across the US.

VP - C.png

VP's & C-Suite



Senior Managers


Fusion Focus

Our dedicated team brings years of specialized search experience to the following functional roles


Working With Us

Consistently recognized as a top search firm, Fusion Recruiters’ low volume, high touch approach allows our team of dedicated talent experts to conduct national searches and uncover top talent uniquely qualified for the clients we support.


Developing custom search strategies for each role we take on and maintaining regular touchpoints with our clients ensures our teams remain aligned throughout a search. Fusion’s dedicated approach is just one reason for our 95% success rate filling the roles we take on, and another reason you can be confident introducing our team to your network.


With over 200 years of collective corporate recruitment, agency search, and community outreach experience, our clients can confidently turn over their searches with peace of mind knowing they’re working with a partner that truly takes the time to understand their needs and corporate culture. Want proof? 74% of the candidates Fusion has placed since 2018 are either still in the roles they were hired to or an elevated role within the same organization.

We know how to find great people!

Want More Info? Email Us.

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