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The Fusion Recruiters Ambassador Program

Because Good People

Know Good People

“You can never know enough great people.” More than just a catchphrase, this simple sentence serves as a daily reminder of Fusion’s mission and the incredible opportunities that come from making meaningful connections.


Since 2008 we’ve been blessed by countless friends, connections and clients that have introduced and referred Fusion Recruiters to others in their circles.


Which is why we’re excited to offer the Ambassador Program rewarding you up to $2500 for introducing Fusion to leaders looking to add top talent to their organizations. Click here for the full roadmap of the program.


If you’re ready to get started, simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will reach out within 24 hours to learn more about your referral.  From there, we can determine together next steps and hopefully get you, your referral and Fusion connected.


We’re excited to start this journey with you! 

Thanks for submitting!

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Positions we want to help fill

Fusion regularly fills the following roles across the US.  If you know a company looking to hire or struggling to fill positions at these levels,  we’d love an introduction!

VP - C.png

VP's & C-Suite

$2,500 Reward



$1,000 Reward

Senior Managers


$500 Reward

Fusion Focus

Our dedicated team brings years of specialized search experience to the following functional roles


Let's Get Started

Fusion Ambassador Program


Step 1


Complete the form on this page

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Step 2


Connect with a member of the Fusion team to share more about your referral and their opening.


(Fusion will reach out to you!)


Step 3


Connect your Contact/Referral with the Fusion team. 

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Step 4


If your introduction results in a successful new search kick off, you get rewarded!

* Referral payments paid only on first contracted search kick off with referred client.

* Referral paid via check following Fusion’s receipt of payment for a successful search kick off.


* You will be rewarded for each new client company introduced to Fusion that results in a new contracted search

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Fusion Recruiters Ambassador Program? 

A: The Fusion Recruiters Ambassador Program presents a unique opportunity for individuals to link Fusion Recruiters with leaders seeking to enhance their organizations with top talent. Ambassadors stand to earn up to $2500 for successful introductions.

Q: How does the Ambassador Program work? 

A: The process is straightforward:

  1. Complete the referral form on this page.

  2. A team member will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your referral.

  3. Facilitate the introduction between your contact and our team.

  4. Reap the rewards if your introduction results in a successful new search kickoff.


*For the full program roadmap or any specific inquiries, feel free to contact us directly at  A member of our team will be delighted to provide further information.

Q: What positions are eligible for rewards in the Ambassador Program? 

A: Rewards are extended for introductions that culminate in new search kick-offs across various roles, including:

  • VP’s & C-Suite: $2500 Reward

  • Directors: $1000 Reward

  • Senior Managers: $500 Reward.

Q: Do you give money for referrals of people looking for work?

A: While we appreciate receiving candidate referrals, those are not a part of this program. This program is meant for introductions to people that make hiring decisions within a company. 

Q: How are the referral rewards paid out? 

A: Referral payments are disbursed via check subsequent to Fusion Recruiters receiving payment for a successful search kickoff. Payments are exclusive to the first contracted search kickoff with the referred client.

Q: Can I refer someone for any position? 

A: Fusion Recruiters routinely fills roles nationwide in areas such as:

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Engineering

  • Operational Leadership

  • Human Resources

  • Digital/IT

Your referral is warmly welcomed if you know of a company seeking to hire in these domains.

Q: What makes Fusion Recruiters stand out as a search firm? 

A: Boasting a 95% success rate in filling roles, Fusion Recruiters is distinguished for its low-volume, high-touch approach and nationwide reach. Consistently recognized as a top search firm, we offer a dedicated team equipped with specialized search expertise. For further details or additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Fusion Recruiters team directly at

Q: What kind of introductions are eligible?

A: Eligible introductions for the Fusion Recruiters Ambassador Program encompass those leading to new client companies seeking to fill positions in areas such as:

  • VP’s & C-Suite: Introductions at this level can earn you a $2,500 reward.

  • Directors: Introductions for director-level positions come with a $1,000 reward.

  • Senior Managers: For introductions at the senior manager level, the reward is $500.


The program focuses on roles nationwide in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Operational Leadership, Human Resources, and Digital/IT. Your introduction could prove immensely valuable if you know of a company seeking talent in these spheres.


Remember, rewards are granted for each new client company introduced to Fusion Recruiters that results in a contracted search. For more details, feel free to connect with us directly at

Working With Us

Consistently recognized as a top search firm, Fusion Recruiters’ low volume, high touch approach allows our team of dedicated talent experts to conduct national searches and uncover top talent uniquely qualified for the clients we support.


Developing custom search strategies for each role we take on and maintaining regular touchpoints with our clients ensures our teams remain aligned throughout a search. Fusion’s dedicated approach is just one reason for our 95% success rate filling the roles we take on, and another reason you can be confident introducing our team to your network.


With over 200 years of collective corporate recruitment, agency search, and community outreach experience, our clients can confidently turn over their searches with peace of mind knowing they’re working with a partner that truly takes the time to understand their needs and corporate culture. Want proof? 74% of the candidates Fusion has placed since 2018 are either still in the roles they were hired to or an elevated role within the same organization.

We know how to find great people!

Want More Info? Email Us.

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