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Tim Lindstedt

Managing Director, Client Relationships

I believe there’s no greater power than the power of human connection. Whether it’s connecting people to ideas or simply to one another, nothing is impossible when people are connected to possibility. One might think my 25 years leading sales and marketing efforts for some of the world’s largest brands might challenge this belief in me. Ironically, the complete opposite is true. My professional experiences have reiterated the impact connecting with one human being can have. It’s that exact opportunity that drew me to Fusion Recruiters – the ability to develop genuine human connections while helping those individuals and the partners we work with grow and realize their goals and potential.


I love that my role leading Fusion’s Sales and Marketing efforts allows me the opportunity to communicate and promote “the Fusion difference” every day. Fusion’s retained, low-volume, high-touch approach isn’t right for everyone or every search. If they’re being true to themselves, no brand or company will or should be all things for all people. But for those searches and those organizations where relationships matter and quality and results are critical, connecting with our team here at Fusion is a powerful step. Successful salespeople realize they’re not selling a product, they’re selling a solution. A famous Harvard professor said best what all good sales people should understand: “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”


No disrespect to the drill but I’m grateful to not be selling them. In fact, we’re not actually selling anything here at Fusion Recruiters. We create connections.


And connections are powerful, beautiful, life altering, world changing things.

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