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Pa Houa Vang

Executive Search Partner

For the longest time, I served in the customer service field which I loved and enjoyed every bit of. I’ve always believed that miracles and opportunities come in a disguised form. I was fortunate enough to grasp that disguised form that led me to recruiting. The amount of impact a recruiter can make on an individual is so powerful. We not only change lives every day, but we also become a part of them. Recruiting is so dear in my heart and my passion for it continues to grow throughout my career. 

I started recruiting in healthcare, and later down the road transitioned into the staffing industry. For the last 5 years of my recruitment experience, I never regretted taking this route. Every day is a miracle that I’m speaking to someone, making a difference, and building long-term relationships. I’ve recruited in manufacturing, healthcare, and corporate environments.  I’ve run a full cycle of recruiting; from sourcing to interviewing and leading through until the offer stage.  I am one of the 8 recipients & winners of the Women in Leadership Scholarship of 2022, a member of the Fox Cities Chambers of Commerce, a committee member of the Professional Career Development within the Fox Cities Chamber, and currently a volunteer member of the Career and Professional Growth program with Hmong American Friendship Association.

Outside of my professional career, I am a mother of two boys (Keanu and Theodore), a certified Pastry Chef running a weekend donut shop, and a crafter who has a crazy passion for crafting all things from making shirts, mugs, vinyl signs, and etc.  In addition to that, I love to travel and spend quality time with my family doing outdoor activities!

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