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Mitch Rea

Director, Client Relationships

Over the last 15 years of my career in Talent Acquisition, I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to work alongside some of the most respected leaders, regionally and globally, to upscale teams and build new ones from the ground up. Much of my career has been spent in the advanced manufacturing space but also have worked within FinTech, Media, Software and Healthcare verticals as well. I thrive on the variety and challenge that the world of talent acquisition affords us.


Since graduating from UW-Milwaukee with a BA in Communication, my previous background in sales led me to recruiting where I fell in love with the process; developing relationships with hiring leaders seeking keystone additions to teams and talented professionals looking to further their careers with new challenges and growth. In all my roles, I’ve focused on talent strategy, talent branding, compliance, succession planning, international relocation, and leading continuous improvement projects around technology/process.


When I’m not networking and delivering impactful solutions, I’m spending time outdoors and traveling with my wife and our two amazing boys who keep me grounded and motivated. We love almost any outdoor activity all year round with friends and family, and I’ve recently rediscovered my childhood hobby of collecting baseball cards when the weather keeps me indoors. I’m always looking to connect with others- whether it be by phone/video or sharing a coffee!

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