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Kierra Posey

Managing Director, Executive Sourcing

Through positive energy, manifestation, and a passion for finding common ground, I have developed strong relationships with others. I wake up every day and determine what I can do to make the world a better place, which led me to pursue a career in talent acquisition and management. I believe it is the one area in business where you can make an impact on someone else's life, either through a new job or hiring the best talent to improve an organization. With over six years of experience in recruitment and client branding, I have helped create the personal brand for hundreds of candidates while placing them into their desired roles.


After graduating from The Ohio State University with my BS in Psychology, I launched a non-profit with my husband to aid at-risk youth with health and wellness assistance in food deserts. My passion for giving back to the community and helping others has shined through in every role I've taken or organization that I have decided to join as a member. After learning about Fusion's charitable background, I knew it was the perfect company to join. The team understands the importance of lifting others as we climb.


With the knowledge and research experience that I gained during my MBA program at the University of Maryland, I have developed strategies that help strengthen my ability to foster productive relationships and solve problems. I take an alternative approach to finding the perfect candidate and make sure that the organization's vision and candidate align.


Outside of work, I enjoy riding my Peloton, trying out different ice cream flavors, hanging out in my garden, and spending as much time as possible with my husband DeVier and our two boys Drue and Nile. We love to travel, visit local parks, and watch movies during family night. 

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