Brianna Gasper

Manager, Strategic Client Relationships 

Since graduating from Carroll University I have utilized my Communication, PR and business development knowledge to create and lead 2 different LLC’s, a Corporation and now a non-profit.  My years of business development experience within entrepreneurship as well as the non-profit sector excited me to bring my enthusiasm and energy to the Fusion team.  I enjoy creating long lasting, family like relationships with partners and spending time getting to know what businesses are needing most to continue meeting their goals while hopefully helping ease some stressors.  


In addition to my work with Fusion Recruiters, I am also co-owner of a non-profit organization called Elevate that executes family friendly, upbeat, community events in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI.  Within Elevate we have raised over $200K for different charities and causes by providing run/walks, concerts, wellness events, family galas, and dance competitions.  My passion for helping others fuels me through each work day to do more, give more and help more people/organizations along the way!  With Fusion being such a charitable and service focused business and family oriented organization, I feel right at home and professionally charged in all that I do in both roles.  


Outside of work I have a great love for running, coffee, live music and spending time with my husband and 4 children.  We enjoy traveling and doing most anything outdoors in all of Wisconsin’s seasons.  Our family loves to live by the work hard, play hard motto in soaking up all the best in our time spent together!