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Amanda Mast

Director, Client Relationships

Throughout my career in Talent Acquisition, I have brought a passion for excellence, delivered solutions and results to support business strategies and have built lasting relationships with clients and candidates. With over 20 years of experience, both on the agency side and within corporate global talent acquisition, I have gained experience in business development, talent marketing (branding), human resources, and recruitment/sourcing solutions. My career has allowed me to work and consult for amazing mid to large size companies within multiple industries including Manufacturing, Consumer Goods and Wholesale/Distribution.

I graduated from UW-Whitewater with a degree in Human Resources and it was during my first internship within recruiting, that I realized recruitment had a significant impact and was about relationships and helping the candidate in their career journey as well as helping the company meet their business strategies by hiring the right talent for the organization...this is what gets me excited about Talent Acquisition!

When I am not networking, I enjoy running and spending time with my husband and two wonderful girls, hiking as a family and exploring new destinations. We always look forward to our travel adventures and learning about different cultures around the world. Whether business or personal, I love looking forward to something on the calendar!

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