Having worked with most HR Tools and Technologies collectively over our respective careers, we recognize that it can be an area that HR & Talent Acquisition leaders may not have the time to effectively navigate a full RFP to determine what the best tools may be across their Recruiting and HR organizations.  To assist our client partners with that process, we've conducted multiple RFPs over the course of time, and have determined what we believe to be the best tools and technologies based upon our extensive research and time commitment.  Some of the tools we've evaluated and/or are currently reviewing are:


If you're considering reviewing a new HR Technology or switching from existing tools, and aren't sure what's out there or where to begin, we'd be happy to offer our insight and expertise coming out of the extensive analysis and RFP work we've conducted.  There's no doubt conducting technology RFPs can be a huge undertaking, so let us assist you in eliminating some of the time commitment necessary to evaluate many of the leading tools in the marketplace across the platforms above.  From web demonstrations to implementation of HR Tools & Technologies, let us manage the process for you.


Specifically, we've found that most companies are now going to automated reference checks (which some tools also build a passive candidate pipeline of candidates by allowing references to "opt in"; a huge bonus for companies looking to build passive candidate pipelines), which both reduces poor hires and turnover while increasing top-talent hires.  There's a great tool out there that can help, and many of our Fortune 1000s who have recently implemented it feel the same way.  We'd welcome an opportunity to discuss and coordinate a brief web demo to review.

  • E-Verify / I-9 Verification

  • Drug screening

  • New leader assimilations

  • Leadership coaching

  • Exit interviews

  • Executive outplacement

  • Pre-hire candidate assessment tools (Entry level to Executive)
    *  360 feedback and other multi-rater development assessment tools

  • Automated candidate reference checking tools

  • Candidate pipeline building and development tools

  • Background checks

  • Employment verifications