As former corporate Staffing and Talent Acquisition Leaders with industry-leading global companies, we were always on the search for the proverbial "needle in a haystack" or "gamechanger" hire.  Unfortunately, most corporate recruitment teams aren't built to navigate a full-blown passive candidate search and without passive candidates in today's market odds are you aren't hiring the best possible talent.

Since launching Fusion in 2008, we've worked to blend the Corporate Recruitment Process with the expansive reach of agency resources and technologies needed to locate, recruit, and attract top-talent passive candidates.  By incorporating behavioral and competency-based evaluations traditionally used within the corporate sector with the tools and resources of agency recruitment, we've successfully located and placed hundreds of corporate Executives, Directors, and Managerial-level talent local to Wisconsin as well as nationwide.   

Fusion Recruiters is proud to have partnered with the following clients.  Let's discuss your recruiting needs (confidential and otherwise), and what our team can do to help bring top talent into your recruiting process.